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The Art of Listening

Dan Rather.  Blessings to him!  Reading the story published this morning about him being 85 years old and recreated himself with his new News and Guts news reporting.  What I LOVE about him is that he proves to all of us that it’s never too late to re-create.  Pivot.  Speak the truth as we see it.  And simply not care about pleasing other people or trying to adjust for their approval.  I believe this behavior of attempting to “people please” is fundamentally what’s at play for underrepresented people in business.  There is so much judgment and opinion of people by people in areas of life that some have not had to contend with.  That is the feeling of discomfort they feel when the truth is spoken.

I have taken heed to this lesson over the past few months.  It has been fascinating for me to step back and watch others.  Watch how they respond.  How they blame.  How they don’t possess the ability to see themselves or how they impact other people.  I have had people call into question my competence.  I have had someone stand up as they were agitated with my truth as I see it and want to attempt to dismantle my experiences or my views.   Simply because they haven’t experienced it.

This notion that experiences that we have all had are irrelevant because you, yourself haven’t experienced it, does not diminish the fact that other people have it.  The true art of communication is the ability to listen.  The true art of leadership is to have emotional intelligence.  The true art of business is the ability to have agility and pivot when it’s necessary. 

As I have entered this next phase of my life and career, I am focusing on preparation for the next generation.   I have surrendered to the fact that I cannot change people.  They must change themselves.  What I can do is continue to tell my truths as I see them.  I can share my personal experiences and lessons I have learned along the way.  I am free and can finally be me!

I can only pray that I am given the blessing of the longevity of life as Dan Rather has.  For if I have another 30+ years….” One man can change the world” ~Big Sean.  Imagine what woman can do!!!!!



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Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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