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HeartBeat for #UsToo

My heart skipped a few beats yesterday hearing countries of color being referred to as shitholes.  My first reaction was almost in disbelief, but after blood started flowing through my arteries again, I realized that this rhetoric is exactly how people really feel about other people.  About people whose pigmentation is different than theirs.   Daily aspirin seems to be my regimen these days to get through the day and figure out how to rise above this mess.

This blog won’t be a rebuttal to what is being said.  It’s pretty painful to see and watch the trajectory the country is on.  But I continue to believe that this is absolutely necessary in order to address the heart condition of this country.  I say the more damn bricks they throw at you, use them to build!  Women and people of color are stepping out in ways I have not seen in my lifetime.  The fight for those of who have hearts from heaven and are in the gap between heaven and earth by being hands and feet on this earth to help make life better is happening at rapid paces. 

I am living in a time where my stepping into my beliefs and using my voice to help others has come with a huge cost to me personally.  But I see the tipping point taking place.  The injustice that has been done to many others and myself is entering a phase of restoration and acceleration.  Those of us who have been marginalized and treated less than what we deserve, even by those claiming to be our friends, will see ourselves rise and be in positions where we are able to influence significant change.  It takes a complete meltdown in order to be reshaped.  That is exactly what is taking place in the country.

This process is painful.  So much hatred and division.   We are learning many new things.  We are learning to discern the true essence of people.  Our circles have tightened up.  True friends have come to the surface.  Unity is happening in race circles.  People are beginning to work together and extend a hand to help the other person.  Apocalyptic events are happening around the globe and humanity is being exposed.

When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, we will find ourselves in alignment with our Source and be able to live in harmony with each other.  I believe we will witness some unprecedented takedowns of people and it will show that the Power of Love prevails.  And so I continue to stay in faith.

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Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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