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Day 1. Cindi Bright

January 20, 2017.  The day the change in the Oval office occurred.  For friends who follow me, I decided to launch this blog to journey the life of a black woman who lives in Bellevue, Washington, one of the most affluent cities in the country.  This blog is launched for all my brothers and sisters who are struggling to make sense of what is happening in our country.  You are going to experience an up and down rollercoaster with me as I have had such a wave of emotions since November 9, 2016.  But the spirit of this blog is to build community in hopes that I can be a voice for you!  I will speak my truth.  I won’t be grammatically correct.  And I’m done being politically correct.  I will speak my corporate voice at times.  I will speak my Jesus voice at times. And I will speak my black voice at times. Many will like me and many won’t.  But I hope you enjoy this journey with me. In this blog, I aim to lift you up and seek answers together, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts and ideas. 

I do not welcome hateful rhetoric. I have lived the life of having to hide who I am because as all people of color know, we can’t show up for who we are. But that ended today. So, in the spirit of loving all people and the change I seek to make in this world, I launch

Let me state, I am 52.7 years old. I am done seeking other’s approval for me using my voice.   For those that know me, I am a matter of fact speaking, direct and loving human being.  I will give you the shirt off my back!  I will bring you into my home and you will always have a fabulous bottle of wine. You will see me in church on Sunday mornings and bragging about my son all the time. 

Living in the 98004-area code is nothing short of interesting as a black woman.  It’s truly comical.  Many people over the years have asked me how in the world do I live here?   I love Bellevue! I am a straight up boujee and love finer things in life. I work hard for my money so I am not like many women I meet here, who are white and have “great” lives off the back of their husbands’ wealth and opportunities. I work hard for what I have. You will see me on Main Street having great wine and conversations with many people and you will see me in Woodinville in wine country.  My life is great because I have something deeper inside of me. And that is Faith. 

Because as much as I am not a fan of this thing that took the reins of America, I believe in the word of God and he said to pray for our leaders and so I did. My prayer is that this man finds the true meaning of God in his journey to lead this country. And I have compassion for Melania.  I see a broken woman when I look at her. I pray that she finds her voice in her new role and uses it for good in this world. I choose to believe in the goodness of people. Even though I am angry today.

When I saw the statistics of who voted for this man, my first internal response to “53% white women” was “of course that’s who put him in office”. That has been my experience in my life watching the entitlement of white women in this country.  On so many levels.  I have met and worked with so many white women who feel this world belongs to them and only them.  I have watched what they do to other women time and time again.   However,…I will say…that many, many white women stand with me.  Very thankful for these women.  There is one beautiful blonde woman who has stood with me over the past four years to help me in a very trying time in my life and I am eternally grateful for her.  It has been a very eye opening experience and lesson in discernment for me.  Learning to know who is with me and who aims to harm me has been fascinating.  I live in a town where people worship money.  And they will do anything for it.  I need money.  I just don't worship it. After today, I now see what is meant in scripture with money being the root of all evil.  It drives insane behavior from people. 

I have learned to listen to my inner voice and am now more connected to myself than ever.  I am praying that I can find grace to show to those who harmed so many people in this country by this election.  

Is that what this election is about? To learn to find grace for others? 

Will you join me in this journey?

With love,


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Cindi  Bright

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