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Based on her book, Cindi provides education through engagement and experiential learning to help organizations excel beyond traditional Diversity training.   Using her personal story as a metaphor for transformation from her two- time Stevie Award Winning Book, The Color of Courage: Crushing Racism in Corporate America,  she reimagines prosperity for all people. 

Driving  Change Through Collaboration

Business. Behaviors. And the Bottom Line. 

A different perspective on Racial Equity, this workshop takes you through a journey of the subtleties of behaviors in the workplace that are impacting your bottom line. Where the power lies in organizations is not necessarily with titles, and this power is at play both internally and externally to your candidate pools, creating other unforeseen challenges. Today's workforce requires corporate transformation, and this workshop will empower you to seek more, understand deeper, and develop strategies where profitability is equitable, and change begins.

Know Your Worth: Understanding Compensation and Fee Structures

Every woman (of color) has been challenged trying to understand compensation and fee structures.  Are you interested in learning about this system and how to navigate it?  This workshop is for you.  Coming Soon.

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Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant