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Speaker - Cindi is an Educator.  Her former HR Executive roles, along with her business acumen and her lived experiences, she challenges us to be better!  Speaking on national stages, she is provocative in her messages and offers unique insights into what is necessary for change in order for Business and People to BOTH prosper. Through her powerhouse speaking,  she has been featured as a KeyNote speaker at Human Resources Conferences, Law Conferences and for Business events.  

Consultant - Through her coaching services and her curriculum she publishes, Cindi is focused on racial equity, wealth and earning power, and systemic transformation for Black people.  

Media Host - Cindi hosts conversations on air each week discussing these issues.  She features prominent leaders to have discussions aimed at achieving parity for Black people.  Are you an organization that supports racial progress? Become a Sponsor?  


Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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