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Stirred, not shaken

The way I like my old fashioned’s.  And I love them made with McCallan’s scotch!  Where did I come to appreciate a great cocktail?  It must be my maturing that’s occurring each day as I watch the country being shaken up all around us.  I love to watch how the Scotch swirl as it embodies the coldness of the ice into it, creating a taste so buttery, silky and smooth.  Is this a metaphor for the victory of Doug Jones last night?

Last night, those that believed it was OK to support a candidate, despite the hatred and harm he brings to other women, voted to harm other people. You see, change has happened.  And while those who vehemently fight to undo something that cannot be undone, what has in fact happened, is that their character is being revealed.  And make no mistake people!  Those with poor character don’t just live in the South.  They are the very people wearing Jimmy Choo and carrying Louis Vuitton handbags and sit in our work places.  They are in our everyday lives, and many of them work to maliciously take away opportunity from others.  I have seen it firsthand. 

It is so hard for me to comprehend.  Because you expect this type of behavior from a few people, but look at the overwhelming support pedophiles, racists, etc. are receiving.  How in the world can anyone support this?  I sort of get the white male support because this is what they are accustomed to, looking out for each other.  But women!!  You still support someone who could harm your daughters?  Who harass you and disrespect you?  Whose voices you hear saying deplorable things about women?  Who lashed out at one of our State Senators calling her a whore?  Who are crooks?  Who are liars?  Who are hateful?  What does this say about the state of a person’s heart who supports this?

Black women changed that vote.  We are used to being the ones with broad shoulders and carrying undue burdens and loads.  We are the women who are making 63 cents to the white male dollar. We are the fastest growing highly educated demographic in the country.  We are used to being labeled angry black women.  And truth be told, we ARE angry.  For the right reasons, and enough to do something about it!  That is why we showed up last night!

My soul is stirred.   I am stirred to speak to others about their hearts.  About the state of their hearts and a prayer for healing.   Our hearts are the size of a fist.  Instead of swinging our fists at others, can we use our hearts to love each other?  Why is that so difficult?  Our hearts are what pumps blood through our bodies to supply oxygen to it.  And yet, I can barely breathe today. 

I headed to my church this morning to be in the sanctuary and say a prayer.  I am praying steadily for our country and the people that are being put in harm’s way.  And while I am out and about today, I am experiencing that same sense of isolation from others today, that I felt the day after the election.  I ask myself, whom can I trust?  Are they one of them?  I smile and speak to the woman sitting next to me having lunch, praying inside of me while I make chit chat.  Dear Lord, please help me heal too!

While my soul is stirred, I see how the brokenness of people is being used to repair and bring forth change.  I pray that reconciliation can come from this.  I pray that white women have the courage to face their heart conditions and begin to heal their souls.  For as long as there continues to be a ME versus THEM, we cannot heal this country.  What will it take?  

Congratulations to Doug Jones!  Congratulations to the women and men who showed up to the polls to vote!  We cannot and will not let hatred prevail! 

The ice being stirred into the alcohol melts and becomes the drink.  It becomes one. 



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Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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