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Provocateur of Change: Cindi Bright Receives 2021 Stevie Award for Social Change Maker of the Year

The Author, Speaker, Radio Host, and Racial Equity Consultant is Dismantling the Status Quo to Crush Racism in Corporate America

(Bellevue, WA) - The issue of systemic racism made its way to the forefront of American media over the past year and a half, calling for police reform and equality within the justice system. That said, it is imperative to know that the reality of systemic racism extends much further. In boardrooms and businesses across the country, decisions are being made every day to either fuel the fire of systemic racism, or cultivate powerful change to disrupt the status quo, ushering in a new era of equality and change. At the forefront of this change is Cindi Bright, this year’s recipient of the Gold Stevie Award for Social Change Maker of the Year on the issue of race.

The Stevie Awards are widely renowned as the “Oscar’s” for modern business, highlighting the world’s top innovators, executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and contributors in various industries and areas of business. Cindi Bright has dedicated her career to exposing and dismantling the racism and toxicity that come with climbing the corporate ladder. Working hand in hand with corporations as a racial equity consultant, Cindi is a provocateur of change who uses her radio show to host conversations that consist of both business and politics, the ecosystem impacting progress for brown and black America.

The author of The Color of Change: Crushing Racism in Corporate America, Cindi Bright is not afraid to ask the difficult of uncomfortable questions that have become ingrained into the very structure of the workforce. Acting as a call to action for executives in power, The Color of Courage has encouraged businesses and corporations to stop having superficial conversations about anti-racism, but rather recognize the uncomfortable truths that cause harm to black and brown employees.

"You can't dismantle what you cannot see. This eye-opener book unveils the mechanics of racism and toxicity in Corporate America. A must-read for any leader serious about creating inclusive cultures" -Venus Rekow, CEO Neural Shifts

Cindi Bright’s contributions to dismantling the confines of systemic racism have echoed not only across the nation but across the world. The proud recipient of this year’s Gold Stevie Award for Social Change Maker of the Year on the issue of race, Cindi Bright is committed to providing the tangible roadmap to make corporate America a more equitable and balanced place.

To learn more about Cindi Bright and The Color of Change: Crushing Racism in Corporate America, please visit:


Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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