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Is the muscle of the heart. That muscle that has only one function. To pump blood through the vessels in our bodies. It is the muscle that gives us life. It differentiates life and death. This muscle produces the heartbeat. (Think my radio show). It stimulates the heart to pump blood then relaxes the heart to receive blood. Think about this. If the HeartBeat gives and receives, what do you believe would happen in this world if everyone chose to Love? Wouldn’t this imply what comes back to us is so much more?

To keep the heart healthy means we must exercise that muscle and feed it the right nourishment. We feed it through the right foods, through generosity to others, through love and loving, and most importantly through healing. Each one of us has work to do, to heal our own brokenness. Many people have heard me use the phrase, “I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am.” Our worlds around us are a mirror of our world inside of us and so the journey of self-healing is necessary in order to progress our society and ourselves.

Love is so simple. I enjoy smiling at people. Holding the door open for someone. Offering support to someone you see is struggling. Acknowledging this life isn’t easy and we all have our own battles. I love calling someone I haven’t spoken to in awhile just to see how they are doing. My son used to razz me because he didn’t understand why I always said Good Morning to strangers. He compared me to Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Freaky Friday. Remember the scene when she and Lindsey Lohan changed places and walked through the school campus saying Good Morning to everyone? Lol.

I simply choose to be love. I can’t go through this life harboring anything else. It’s getting increasingly difficult to turn on the TV or read social media anymore. And so I need another outlet.

I choose Valentine’s Day to come back out and begin speaking again about love and blogging regularly about bringing people together. I am planning an event “Come Alive” to bring us all together to celebrate each other. There is more to come on this! Stay tuned!

It is through our hearts that we can see clearly.

Happy Valentines Day to you!

With love, Cindi

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Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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