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From "Me" to "We"

Women’s March on Washington 2017.  One of the most defining moments in my life.  So humbled to be able to join my brothers and sisters in this world to march in Seattle.  The pain and the love that was in the crowds of people was beyond what I can put into words.  The energy of excitement and change was in the air and there were just some incredibly joyful moments as we marched past one of the Fire Stations on 4th Avenue and the firefighters were up from their balcony smiling and cheering all of us on.  The police officers that were smiling and warm and happy as they protected us throughout the march.  What a display of love!!

I marched next to this older woman for a bit who was using a walker to help her.  I hugged her and asked her why she was there.  She said “it’s simple…I am a woman and I have women in my family.”  So basic and yet so powerful.  And YET, so misunderstood.  Because we were all elbow to elbow for at least two hours trying to get out of the park, we were having fabulous conversations of humanity with each other.  #Love

I will state, there were zillions of men out there too!  And boy do they get it!  Thank you to every man, woman and child for marching for people!

I was exhausted beyond exhausted by the end of the day.  And I came home and I had two things happen.  I went onto social media and saw the display of humanity across the world.  And I saw people in my own circle diminishing the work and resorting this movement to rhetoric.  I woke up this morning to see someone post “now can we get back to reality now that the inauguration and march are over”.  I am just stunned. 

My first question and thought is…” this IS the reality” And why don’t people understand that this truly isn’t about politics, it’s about PEOPLE.  It’s about other people’s lives.  Is that so difficult to comprehend?  Why do people believe that they must take something from someone to get something?  On a very basic energetic level, when you put energy into the world to harm someone, what do you believe that energy will do when it comes back into your own life?

I had a couple examples of that yesterday.  I saw a post that I shared onto my Facebook because it was disparaging to the millions of women who marched.  And I had a contentious conversation with this person because when I posted it, it impacted her ability for people to do business with her.  She was quite upset as was I.  I challenged her and had her “sit in that sting” for a moment so that she could experience what others feel everyday of their lives.  To have opportunity and healthcare and their rights robbed of them is in direct proportion to how she feels about losing business.  THIS IS THE ISSUE.  Just because you don’t experience this doesn’t mean it isn’t real or that it doesn’t matter.  It should matter to each and every one of us.

Can we go from thinking of “Me” to thinking of “We”?  If only we could just love each other... 

Now it is time to take the actions.  I will be keep you updated on what we can each do.

With love,


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Cindi  Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, Consultant


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