The Color of Courage

I'm extremely excited to announce the publishing of my first book, The Color of Courage: Crushing Racism in Corporate America.


The reckoning for every person to be able to prosper professionally requires massive change. In this book, I give a fresh perspective on how corporations must adopt new ideologies and strategies to advance their brown and black talent.



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Why Race Matters


"The whispers of our souls can transform us from where we are to where we want to be"

A provocateur of change, I'm very fortunate to have had a stellar career in human resources, serving as a corporate executive for numerous fortune 500 companies. My journey has afforded me to help C-suite leaders understand what is necessary to lead in today's evolving business climate and help progress diverse candidates. Now, I've taken my expertise to empower corporate america to change!  No longer are the days where brown and black people are sitting on the sidelines being silenced.  And shareholders are demanding it!  Are you ready to do the real work?

Cindi Bright: My Story

What I Do

Speaker / Author / Radio Show Host / Consultant

I am a truth teller to power!  My three decades inside of organizations - as a leader of people - as a black woman/executive - has afforded me a unique lens. Systemic and institutional racism is the essence of lack of progress for brown and black people.  I work with leaders to identify their truths.  I host a weekly radio show, HeartBeat radio where I focus on the ecosystem impacting progress for brown and black people. 

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Do what you love and never work a day in your life



As an expert on race, leadership and diversity, 

I fuse my knowledge around these topics with personal stories to deliver impactful messages. This past year, I was given the opportunity to share my expertise/story on one of the biggest speaking platforms in TedX Colorado Springs. Frequently referred to as a powerhouse speaker, my style is engaging, funny and bold. Each session can be completely different as I try to focus on the moment and deliver a tailored solution to the audience at hand.  


Racial Equity Consulting 
and Investigations


Racial Equity.  Class action lawsuits are on the rise and will continue to escalate until appropriate recognition and resolution are achieved. Historically approached as a Diversity program and/or training.  Yield minimal results.  Racial Equity begins with you personally. It is the ecosystem of injustice at play in most organizations. My consulting practice focuses on identifying where the challenges are along with recommendations for resolution BEFORE these issues escalate to legal action.  This isn't easy and I'm not pretending it is. It DOES however require Courage! Let's discuss. My firm is able to HELP Corporate America, if they are willing to help themselves!

Looking for a safe outlet to speak freely about race? No matter if you are an executive trying to lead change or a person trying to navigate white spaces, every one of us needs a personal confidant and coach. My style is to create safety and candor to challenge you to be your best, to embrace change and to have the courage to step into change it. When we get real with ourselves, everything outside of us - changes!

I'd love to work with you! Let's connect. 


HeartBeat Radio

A conversation about the heart condition of the United States

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Airs Every Wednesday at 7pm on Rainier Avenue Radio.World

I host a weekly radio show called HeartBeat radio, addressing the heart condition of the country that is affecting women and people of color. My show is aimed to shift perspectives about people in order to unify and progress underrepresented people. Have a listen! 


My Blog: Prepare yourself, it might get real...

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